This term Receptions topic is 'Bears'

We have listened to lots of Bear Stories.

We enjoyed telling the story of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears,


Itchy Bear

Itchy Bear

and The Gingerbread Bear.

The Gingerbread Bear

Can you see who is playing the part of the Gingerbread Bear?

Who is this?

Beckstone Bear

Beckstone is helping us to learn and we love lessons where he helps!

Practising numbers on the Smart Board

Here we are counting the buttons on his jumper and practising numbers on the 'Smart' Board.

Beckstone's Button Hunt

We are on a Beckstone's Button Hunt, looking for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 buttons, red, yellow, blue or green.

Beckstone's Birthday

This day was Beckstone's birthday; we had lots of counting to do of presents, cards, plates, candles and hats. We matched 1 to 1 and made sure every guest had one of everything. We worked out how to cut the cake so everyone had an equal sized piece.

Mobiles of Beckstone Bear

We made Beckstone mobiles and drew pictures of him for the wall.

Drawings of Beckstone Bear

Polar Bears

We are learning to write our numbers by counting how many times Polar Bear growls. We have to watch and listen carefully.

Polar Bear helps us with our counting

Sometimes we do our maths outside. We have to run and find numbers 1 to 10, pick up a coloured cube, take it to our teacher to see if we are right and then do it all over again until we have coloured in all of our polar bear.

Learning maths outside

We are having so much fun and exercise that we do not even realise we are working!!

Showing teacher our maths

We went for an Autumn walk.

An Autumn walk

Fresh Autumn air

When we came back we printed with leaves, matched Autumn colours on the computer and used leaves and nuts to make Autumn Collages.

Autumn noticeboard

Autumn display

Autumn collages