'Twas the night before Christmas, and slumped in a chair,
Was a tired and fed up, Beckstone Bear.

He'd had a very  busy day,
Being a reindeer in the Christmas play.

He'd written reindeer cards, hung deer all about,
And now he was totally reindeered out!

He settled down and closed his eyes,
Dreaming of turkey and hot mince pies...

...of cards and presents and games to play,
All coming his way on Christmas Day.

When, all of a sudden, he heard such a clatter,
He rushed to the window to see what was the matter.

And there in the snow, with legs all tangled,
were Santa's reindeer with a sledge, quite mangled!

Santa got up and mopped his brow, and said "Whatever shall I do now?
These reindeer need to rest a while, they cannot travel another mile!"

 Don't worry, Santa" said our hero, 
"If you'll let me, I can go from zero,
To whatever speed your super sleigh goes,
With the help of this magic flashing nose!"

"Thank you, Beckstone, Let's make haste. We haven't any time to waste.
With you in the front and me in the back, we'll soon deliver this final sack."

The sleigh rose gracefully into the sky, Beckstone was thrilled - he really could fly!
They flew over lake and hill and town, and guided by Santa, floated gently down.

Beckstone waited on rooftops as the chap in red,
Filled his friends' stockings on the end of the bed.

Beckstone knew in the morning, they'd all be glad,
And if not for him they'd have been very sad.

"That's the last parcel." Santa said. "Time for us both to go home to bed."
When they got back, they were pleased to discover,
The reindeer had managed to fully recover.

They all gave Beckstone a hearty cheer,
"Thanks for your help, and see you next year!"

Beckstone woke with a jump, feeling quite grim,
Till he noticed his stocking, filled to the brim.

"All that was a dream I suppose?"
And then he put his paw to his nose! .......