Beckstone Bear  to Succeed Harry Harrington

Much loved Harry Harrington is looking forward to a well earned retirement from his role of school bear at Harrington Infant School.

He is currently passing on his knowledge of the job to new recruit, Beckstone Bear who is to take up the post of school bear at the New Beckstone Primary School in September. This new state of the art school is an amalgamation of Harrington Junior School, Harrington Infant School and Garth Infants and incorporates a brand new purpose built nursery.

We catch up with Harry and Beckstone during a break in training.

"Harry, are you looking forward to your retirement?"

"Yes, very much thank you. I've been school bear for 5 years and have had a fantastic time. I've travelled all over the world, have had weekends and holidays with over 100 children, starred in story books and helped with lessons every day. I've been a mascot at Everton, broadcast live on radio Cumbria and even met the Queen and Prince Phillip. I think I've earned a rest.

"Beckstone, that's quite a hard act to follow!"

Yes it is but I'm ready for it. I was so proud when Mr Warbrick said the job was mine and I am determined to do my best. This is going to be a fantastic school, the best in the country! Everyone is so enthusiastic and excited I can't wait to start properly. I have already been to help the builders and Harry is teaching me the ropes. I have my uniformmy pyjamas and my backpack, so roll on September!

"Harry, what tips have you got for Beckstone?"

Always be on your best behaviour when representing the school.
Manners maketh the bear!
Close your mouth when astronaut training in the washing machine!
Go easy on the honey sandwiches, they play havoc with fur!

"Beckstone, what are you looking forward to most?"

That's a hard one! There are so many things! I'm looking forward to working with all the children and staff. Of course I'm looking forward to having lots of exciting adventures when the children take me home. (Maybe even more than you, Harry!) The new adventure playground looks brilliant and I can even be at school for breakfast and tea if I want to. There's going to be super things to play with in the new nursery, inside and outside and my classroom has the most gorgeous view over the sea.! There's so much to look forward to I can't wait!

"Harry, you must be wishing you were going?"

It does sound wonderful but I shall be happy to visit. I'm sure Beckstone will do an excellent job and I feel it is time to hand over the reins to some bear younger with fresh ideas and wanderlust.

"Thank you both very much. Enjoy your retirement, Harry and we'll look forward to hearing about your adventures, Beckstone."


For your chance to join Beckstone on his adventures come and be a part of this brand new centre of excellence in Education - Beckstone Primary School.