In History we have been learning all about the Vikings.

We decided to tell everyone what we had found out in our class assembly. This is what we did.

We began by making all the things we would need.

First we made the Viking boats and shields.


Then we made the Viking flags.

We all made our own Viking helmets. 


The Vikings were skilled craftsmen.  They loved jewellery, especially necklaces.  They also wore brooches made from gold and silver inlaid with coloured stones.  We made our own jewellery to wear in our assembly.

We made brooches


We made them from Crayola Magic and then painted them gold. Then we added the jewels.

We also made necklaces

The Vikings believed in many gods and goddesses.  They also believed in magic.

They believed that runic charms could protect them.  We made some magic rune stones of our own.  We also made leather pouches to put them in.  Vikings would wear their leather pouches on belts tied around their waists.

Magic rune stones.

Leather pouches to hold the magic rune stones.

Finally we made the Viking ships. The Vikings were remarkable ship builders.  They made their best boats out of oak.  They were also skilled seamen and they could navigate their ships by using the Sun and the stars.

Viking ships had fierce dragons as their figureheads. They were probably meant to scare off evil spirits.  They definitely scared their enemies.

The Vikings - dress rehearsal.

We were now ready for our assembly.

The full cast of our production!

To watch our assembly please click on the magic rune below.

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