Our trip to Salterbeck Reservoir to look at the Nature Reserve

This is a pair of swans. Tim told us how to recognise the difference between the male and female. The male has a bigger bump above its beak.

We gathered lots of information here about the various birds and wild life.

What a beautiful bird. We are lucky to see these on the reservoir.

This pair of mallard duck reminds us of bingo - two little ducks - 22!

This water runs down to Harrington. It used to be used to cool the iron at the old iron works. Great history!

We were looking for small fish.

Not a fish in sight, just the odd plastic bottle.

Tim made use of the willow he cut down to make this fence which stops the banking from wearing away.

We found lots of different types of lichen on the trees.

The view up here is fantastic.

The walk was fantastic. The only thing to spoil it is this.
Sam took this photo and suggested more bins might help.