During Anti-Bullying Week, Mrs Jackson wrote a poem about a little boy who didn't want to go to school because he had no-one to talk to.

I'm a little boy
As unhappy as can be,
I used to love to come to school
But now I don't you see

I used to play with lots of friends,
Until this boy came by,
He told my friends
Don't play with him
And they didn't, do you know why?

My friends were frightened of him
So they did as they were told,
And now I don't want to come to school
'Cos I have no-one's hand to hold.

I cried last night when I went to bed
And my Mammy said, "What's wrong?"
So I pretended I had a tummy ache
But she said, "It won't last long!"

But Mammy's are not stupid
And next day, she said to me,
"I'll take you to school today,
I have someone I'd like to see!"

She took me to my teacher
And we all had a good long chat,
My teacher said she had no idea
That the others had been like that!

Now I am a little boy
As happy as can be,
We all play together now
We are just one BIG family!

So please tell your teacher
If you're feeling low.
They can't sort if out for you

We decided to write our own stories about what we can do when people are not nice to us. Here are a few examples:

We finished the week by making 'Happy Face Masks'.

We hope this is how you feel about going to school!