In our RE lessons we have been learning about Hindu worship. We found out about the Hindu God in many forms. We investigated different Gods and Goddesses.

We decorated images of different gods

We used glitter, glue and sequins. Mrs Walker was on hand to help.

We worked well together.

We found out about Brahma




and Saraswati

We put some of our work on display in our classroom.

We looked at pictures of Hindu shrines and researched the artefacts that are found on a puja tray.

We enjoyed learning about Hindu worship so much, we decided to show what we had learned in our class assembly.

First we made all the things we would need to decorate the hall for our assembly.

We tie dyed cloth

Then decorated it with sequins, beads and glitter

We chose our colours carefully.

Here are some of our designs - we even made frames to match.

We painted Mendhi patterns

They looked beautiful

We wrote our names in Hindu

Then we began work on our assembly.

Mrs Walker showed us some Indian dance moves

We practised keeping time using beating sticks

It was great fun

We tried on our elephant masks

We worked together

We danced on the stage

and we waited patiently for our turn

Finally we were ready!



Please click below to see our assembly.