This week is My Money Week, we are learning all about money and doing lots of different activities related to money and saving.

Lambie introduced us to all the different notes, coins and cards we may find in a purse or wallet.

He also taught us about cheque books, paying-in books and building society books.

We had a look at our Credit Savings account books too, where we all have at least £2 saved.

We had lots of fun identifying coins by rubbing them with crayons and writing the value next to them.


We set up a penny trail on our challenge table, our families are helping us to fill the table by the end of the week. We are half way there already.

Mr Warbrick helped too.


We had lots of fun outside on a money hunt, we had to find a coin and run back to the teachers and tell them what it was.

What a great way to learn, outside in the sunshine.


We played a shopping game with Miss Wildgoose, we got really excited when we got something on our shopping list.
But we had to tell Miss Wildgoose how much it cost!

We designed our own money boxes too, look out for them on display on the top of our lockers.









But the best fun of all so far has been dancing to songs that are all to do with money.
We danced to 'Money, Money, Money' by Abba, 'Money Can't Buy Me Love' by The Beatles and others.



We had lots of fun watching some music videos linked to money. All this fun and learning too!

We had circle time in the outdoor classroom.

We talked about what we would buy for Grandma and how much it would cost! Grandma is very lucky!

This is our shopping list:

Katie - Sweeties - 10p
Mia - Ice-Cream - £1
Lucy - New Shoes - £1
Aiden G - Ice-Cream - £2
James - Perfume - £30
Nathan - A New basket - £6
Alana - Lollypops - £5
Kristian - Lolly - £100
Luke - Ice Lolly - £50
Callum - Flowers - £60
Thomas - New Shoes - £65
Holly - Plants - £60
Ben - Sweets, Lollypops and Flowers - £2000 - (very generous)
Aiden V - Sweets - £22
Billy - Flowers - £100
Jay - New Shoes - £25
Casey - Apples and Pears - £78
Kacey - Candyfloss - £25
Lexi - Chocolate Cake - £50
Demi-Lee - Fairy Cakes - £100
Brianna - Chocolate Cake - £1

We then had a competition to see who could remember the most things in Grandma's shopping basket.

In joint 3rd place - Jay, Aiden V & Luke with 10 items
In 2nd place - Casey with 11 items
In 1st place - Ben with 12 items

We wrote our own shopping lists for Grandma.

We completed our 'mission' to fill our challenge table with a penny trail during My Money Week.

We then sorted all the coins, counted them and then bagged them.

We talked about what we could do with the money and had lots of lovely suggestions, most of which were to give the money to someone who needed it more than we did. 

Three of our Reception friends decided they would like to give the money to Africa, so we talked about our visitors we had from Tanzania and how they didn't have a lot of things in their school. All the children voted to donate the money to their school.

We took the money to Mr Warbrick and he is going to make sure that the money gets sent to the right people. We raised £22.32.

Well done to everyone who took part and a huge thank you.