My name is Jack.
I am in the cold trenches and I am in the First World War. I canít get to sleep because the machine guns keep killing people. I hope my family doesn't die. My best friend John has been killed. I am going to attack. Oh no, I have been shot in the arm. I hope a stretcher man comes to take me to the hospital then sends me back home.

Luke (7)



My name is Matthew.
I live in the trenches. It is cold in the trenches. I am frightened that I won't see my family again. I wish the war was over. The country is called France. The enemy are letting guns off. I can't sleep with the bangs. On the day before the war I was with my family.  I wish I was with them now!

 Bethany (6)



I am called Kieran.
I am worried about my family. I'm scared I die and I won't see them again! Iím cold. I can hear the bangs. They are LOUD!! Some people are dying beside me. I do not like it in the trenches. It's muddy, it's damp, it's full of water, it's scary. I feel like I'm going to die.
I wish I could go home!!

 Letitia (7)



My name is Sam.
I am living in the water and muddy trenches. If I die, then say that I died with love. I am badly wounded. I wish that the World War 1 was over. I wish that I could ... AAARGH!!!!!!


Niall (6)




I am called Adam.
I am in the First World War. I wish that I was at home. I am in the trenches. The trenches are muddy and full of water. It is awful. It is disgusting. I can see people dying in front of me. I can see people injured. I can hear guns going off. I am in France. I am feeling scared. It is hard to get to sleep in the trenches.
I feel sick of the guns. The war is nearly over,
I wish that I was home.       

               Matthew (6)



My name is Jack.
I am a soldier. I am in the trenches. It is cold, wet, damp. I am frightened, worried that I might die. The bangs of the guns are loud. Some people have died. I have to sleep beside them. I have to sleep standing. I am hungry. The trenches are full with water. I wish I could go home!

                Fiona (6)