A HUGE well done to everyone for winning the Class Points Trophy on your second week in full time school -
we came 3rd the first week.

To be awarded class points by other adults in the school we need to:
walk around school quietly and sensibly;
be kind;
use our manners at all times with all adults;
be good at listening and following instructions;
be helpful.

Keep up the great work, we are very proud of you all.

Well done to Joshy for being awarded this term's Courtesy Award.
He was given this award for his fantastic listening and using his manners.
Oliver was our Autumn Term 1 winner for Strive for 5.
Keep up the good work Oliver.
Good Work Awards
These children were awarded a special treat for reading
5 times or more at home for the first half term in Autumn.
Well done.
Well done to all our Strive for Five children for reading 5 or more times every week this term.
Jake was our Attendance Award Winner Isabelle was our Strive for 5 Winner
Dylan was our Courtesy Award Winner
Our Strive for Five children who read at least 5 times a week for the whole of Spring 1.
Zac was our Strive for 5 winner. Ollie was our Strive for 5 winner.
Well done Saphira for winning our
Courtesy Award this term.
Well done Phoebe on your Strive for Five award.
Well done to Leighton and Joshua on your Good Work awards.
Leighton was our Strive for 5 winner.
Well done.