Beckstone Primary Newsletter
Academic Year  2017/2018 ● Issue 3 ● November 2017

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Dear Parents,

Welcome to the penultimate newsletter of 2017!!

We are entering a very busy time of year at the school as is witnessed by the plethora of dates on the back of this newsletter. It is a magical time of year as the dark nights herald the firework season and also hint at the Christmas season to come.

I hope and trust you all had a good half term and your children enjoyed yesterday's Halloween festivities.

Amongst the many events taking place the ones of
prime importance are the Parents' Evenings. Please do note the dates for these and make sure you attend with your child - it is essential for your child's learning that school and home collaborate together and our reporting system is designed to facilitate that (see article later). You will receive an appointment letter in the very near future so please look out for it.

Thank you all for your understanding with the change to the closure days, this was out of our hands and the work will now be carried out in stages (see article later)

As always if ever you wish to contribute anything to this newsletter or would like some educational issue raised then please do come and talk to me or use the online parental suggestions link on our web site or the post-box at the top of the hill.

Best wishes,
Mr Warbrick


Cars on Eadie Street

Please can anyone collecting children from school avoid using Eadie Street (which is residents' parking only) and certainly DO NOT ATTEMPT A 3-POINT TURN there. There were 2 occasions in the last month where a vehicle collecting children has done just that and has narrowly missed a child. Some of our children are very small and cannot be seen easily in a rear view mirror. We are sure that if anyone injured a child in such a way they would find it very difficult to live with themselves.

Remove any danger by not picking up in a vehicle on Eadie Street.

Road Safety in General

In addition to the above there was a 'near miss' on Church Road just before half term where a car did not stop despite Mary being in the Road with her stick. The driver stated that due to the parked cars her vision was not clear. The zig zags outside school should be free from cars at all start and end times of school to enable clear areas for children to cross. Again we ask all who collect in cars NOT to park on the zig zags.
It is also 'Road Safety Week' this month and the children will be reminded of how to cross the road safely and the importance of reflective strips/bright coats in the dark winter months.
Finally please do take time to thank the road crossing officers who do a great job helping the children to cross safely, sometimes in difficult circumstances.

School Reports

The termly report that builds up to a completed end of year report will be shared at parents' evenings later this month. The format of the report has been changed from last year's version and for the Autumn and Spring will be a 2-sided report rather than a booklet.


The report will show the stage and half term your child was working at the start of their year (we are calling it their 'Baseline') and their current (October) attainment level for Reading, Writing and Maths. Your child's class teacher will help you to understand what these figures mean and will also explain how this feeds into their end of year target.

Children in Year 2 and Year 6 who are at the end of their Key Stage will have nationally reported results at the end of the year. Their outcomes in the summer will be reported as follows:

For Maths (Y2 and Y6) and Reading (Y2 and Y6) and SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar - Y6 only) each Y2 and Y6 child will get:

  • A raw test score (how many marks they got on the test)

  • A scaled score (where your child's score is compared to all taking the test nationally where a score of 100 is the average mark)

  • Notification of whether they are at the nationally expected standard or not.

For Writing they will be assessed as:

  • Working towards expected standard or

  • Working at expected standard or

  • Working at a greater depth within the expected standard.

These will be reported on the final page of the booklet you will receive in the summer.
There is no longer a requirement to have a Home School Agreement and as a result there is a section at the bottom of the report page that we will be asking you to agree to at the Parents' Evenings. This is reproduced below.


Parental Commitments (to be reviewed at meetings):
  • To read with your child every day for at least 20 minutes.
  • To ensure your child learns their appropriate times tables (as set by the teacher).
  • Ensure your child completes their weekly 'Friday' homework which will consist of one piece of maths work, a reading comprehension and on occasion a 'learning challenge'.
  • To make sure your child arrives at school regularly and on time and let the school know immediately of any absence.
  • To ensure your child's attire follows the uniform policy and they have the correct PE Kit when needed.
  • To support the school's behaviour policies and guidelines and show respect to all involved in the school community.
  • To give consent for your child to make accompanied off site visits in the school locality.
  • To give consent for data to be held on record about your child and their contacts and to ensure the school has up to date contact information.
  • To allow your child's name and images of your child to be used on the school website, newsletter and by other organisations only in school related matters.


Book Fair

Thank you to all who supported the Book Fair recently.

The Fair had sales worth £666. With some previously 'banked' commission this has resulted in £150 worth of books for each of Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1, Lower key Stage 2 and Upper Key Stage 2.

Your support of the book fair will also clearly impact on the reading pleasure of all children.

Christmas Raffle


The 'Friends at Beckstone' annual Christmas Raffle is taking place again this year with a fabulous first prize of £100. All money raised from the raffle goes to support your child through FAB's purchase of resources to enhance learning or through their subsidy of school trips. We would like to kindly ask all families to support this raffle by selling at least one book to family and friends. The tickets cost £1 and a book costs £5 in total.


Each family will be issued with a book in the very near future - PLEASE SUPPORT THIS IF YOU CAN.


There are more books available if you are able to sell more and please return money and stubs to the Office or equally any unsold tickets to enable us to sell them elsewhere. Indeed FAB / PTA will have a stall in Dunmail Park on Sunday 19th November.

The draw will take place on the penultimate day of this term, Thursday 14th December and we hope to notify all winners on that day.

Thank you in advance for your support in this.


Lost Property!!!


The 'Lost Property bench' had to be emptied twice last half term as it was so full that the lid wouldn't shut! Any clothing that has names in is always returned to its rightful owner. All clothing (including coats, shoes etc should be named - THIS WILL SAVE YOU MONEY as you will not need to replace clothing.

Please can all families take a few minutes to do this, you don't need fancy labels just a Sharpie style pen and write on the clothing's washing label.

Parents' Evenings

The Parents' Evenings this term are towards the end of this month (Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th). The meeting will focus on a detailed report of your child's progress given the changes outlined above. In addition to updating you on your child's progress, you will also receive their coloured ratings for effort, behaviour, attendance and many other things as per last year. We will also be asking you to support your child by setting targets for you to support them at home and these will be reviewed at the next Parents' Meeting.

Nursery Open Afternoons

Morning Nursery parents/carers are invited to informal 'come and play' sessions at the following times:

Green and Red Groups - Monday 20th November - 4 - 5pm


Blue and Yellow Groups - Wednesday 22nd November - 4 - 5pm

These are opportunities for Nursery children to play with their parents and show the work they do. Also it will allow parents/carers to find out more about their child's 'Learning Journey' File.


Poppies go on sale for 20p from today up until the last school day before Remembrance Day, the 10th November. There are also a limited number of snap bands and key rings priced at £1 and bracelets with metal poppies and pin badges (with adult supervision) at £2.


  • All classes will fall silent at 11am on Friday 10th November to hold a Remembrance silence.

  • Children from the school will be taking part in the Remembrance parade on Sunday (12th November). The Parade will leave the British Legion at 9.15am and arrive at Church at 10am.
    Letters have gone out this week for anyone who wishes to be involved in the parade.

  • Do have a look at our web site, in particular the 'World Wars Commemorative Zone' which has information on Remembrance and local links to both World Wars in the 'Wartime Memories' area. It is well worth a read.

Victorian Ceilings and End of Terms

As you are aware the school was able to stay open to pupils on the day before and after half term as the works on the school ceiling voids was re-programmed. The re-programming took place as issues had arisen in other schools where similar work which was undertaken in the Summer holidays had over-run. The result is that one area was completed over half term; another area will be completed over Christmas and another over Easter. As a result, to allow for clearing these areas, the Governors have agreed that the school will close to pupils at 1.15pm at the end of this term and also at the end of the Easter term, It will then revert back to full days at the end of terms thereafter.

Please make a note of this in your diary.


Many of the children in Year 6 went to Hexham for their annual residential trip in the penultimate week of last half term.


They visited an outdoor education centre called Kingswood and had a great time. They are pictured below after their first night!

Thanks go to the accompanying staff who gave up their home life for a few days, Ms Gorman, Mrs Walker and Mrs Chambers.

The children shared their memorable experiences with the other children in assembly in the week just before half term.

A number of other photos from this residential can be seen on our web site.


Edinburgh Trip

Whilst on the theme of trips, the Year 5 children should have received details about their potential residential trip to a city. This trip to Edinburgh is planned go ahead from the 8th to the 10th February 2018. Further details have been sent home and further details will be sent out once the response is known.

School Milk

Milk is vital for growing children as it strengthens bones and teeth. Children in Reception and Nursery are entitled to free milk as are children who are eligible for free school meals and clothing vouchers (not the universal free meal for all FS and KS1 children).

The cost of milk for next half term is £8.50 and needs to be paid for by Friday 3rd November. Due to the administrative burden of checking attendance and the inability to change the order daily unfortunately milk money cannot be refunded for absence.

Free revision classes for Year 6 children now take place on a Wednesday and a Thursday from 8.20 to 8.50am. Please encourage your children to attend as it has proved to really help and support your child through Year 6.

School Savings Account

Encourage your child to start saving towards Christmas or for something special they would like and make use of our school savings account facility. Simply call in at the School Office to open an account if your child does not already have one.

Harvest Celebrations and Donations

Thank you to all families who donated food to the Northern Foodbank. The response was amazing. The generosity of our school community is always extremely impressive and heart-warming. All donated food was gratefully received and is being distributed to families in need across our locality.

The pupils shared their celebrations with the Harrington Over 55's as well as at a Church Service for parents where they sang beautifully.


The Police and Ambulance Services are hoping for an injury free bonfire night on Sunday (5th).
The firework code is reproduced below for your information and will be shared with the children this week.
Please do not let your children set off fireworks. For their own safety, they need to be standing well back to enjoy the view and to ensure they return to school after this weekend unharmed.

Bonfire Night Themed Menu

To mark Bonfire Night, Dolce - our school meal contractor, are going to be having a special Bonfire Night themed menu on Monday 6th November.

The menu will include hot dogs, (or vegetarian equivalent), jacket potatoes, beans, salad as well as many other savoury and tasty dessert options.

The themed lunches can be ordered by packed lunch pupils, please let the School Office know in good time.

The nutrition aspects of this special lunch have been calculated to be within nutritional standards over the week's choices.

Christmas Dinner

If parents of packed lunch children would like to book a Christmas Dinner for their child on Thursday 7th December then please look out for a letter that will go home soon.

School Meal Price

Due to rising food costs our school meal contractor is raising costs by 10p.

This is the first price rise in many years.

In order to meet costs the cost of a daily meal needs to rise by the same amount. As a result the price of school meals will go up to £2.20 a day in January. This is still very good value and much cheaper than many areas of the country.



We are now asking all children to wear their coats at lunchtimes and playtimes over the winter months. Please ensure they come to school with a coat and one that has their name in - thanks!
School coats which are fully waterproof and have a hood and reflective strips are available from the School Office at a competitive price of just £17.80 (sizes 3-4 up to 110-12); extra small adult upward sizes are £21.


Children's Saturday Christmas Party

FAB/PTA have organised a Saturday party session for anyone who would like to take advantage of some time at a weekend for Christmas/shopping/wrapping.

The event will feature party games and prizes, lunch and a present to take home.

The cost is £7.50 and tickets are available from the School Office - see the flyer below:

Swimming and Medical Note

A reminder to Year 5 parents this term and Year 3 and4 parents next term (and indeed Year 2 parents who will be swimming in the Summer term for the first time with school) that swimming is a statutory part of the National Curriculum. Having a 'cold' is not a reason not to swim, if anything it relaxes chest muscles so helps with this condition. Your child should only not swim on medical advice i.e. letter from a doctor (which is very rare) otherwise if your child is fit for school they are fit to swim!

School Cardigans

A new addition to our clothing range are school cardigans with the school logo embroidered on. These can be bought through the School office at a cost of £12.50.

Mid-Day Supervisor Vacancy


We have another vacancy for a mid-day supervisor. If you are interested in such a position then please make yourself known to the School Office and they will give you an application pack. The job has an hourly rate of £8.45 and is for 11/4 hours per day totalling 61/4 hours a week during term-time. The post is subject to a DBS criminal record/safeguarding check. The job involves supervising children over lunchtime, working as part of a team and reporting back to the Senior Mid-Day supervisor. The closing date is Wednesday 15th November.

Non Uniform Day


The next charitable non-uniform day is in November for the BBC's Children in Need campaign on Friday17th November.
The theme this year is the 'Big Spotacular' to 'show your spots to raise lots' so children can dress in spotty clothes or indeed just in non-uniform clothes. The emphasis is on raising money for 'Children in Need' rather than the non-uniform choice. In addition we hope to plan a fun and exciting Pudsey themed day for them.

The final non-uniform day of 2017 will take place at the end of the month on Friday 24th November. This is a pre-Christmas Fair non-uniform day and rather than ask for a monetary donation the 'Friends at Beckstone' (PTA/FAB) have requested if those coming in non-uniform could donate something chocolate in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 (anything big or small) and a bottle of something in Key Stage 2 (big or small, drinkable or other e.g. bubble bath, shampoo etc). These donations will then be used on the Christmas Fair day.

The school is a registered 'Kidsafe' school and has trained staff who will be delivering a series of lessons to all classes over the course of this year.

The primary purpose of the Kidsafe programme is to equip participating children with simple, yet effective, skills to keep themselves safe from the various forms of abuse, without shattering their innocence.

The programme is delivered in the classroom setting, with active participation from school staff. The course material is always age-appropriate, with key messages delivered through the use of a variety of media including song, rhyme and action, puppetry, group discussions and worksheets.

The aims of the lessons are;

  1. To protect children from suffering or the likelihood of suffering physical, sexual or emotional abuse by the encouragement and promotion of any methods to help safeguard and promote the welfare of such children.

  2. To advance the education of children, parents and teachers in all aspects of child abuse, in particular understanding abuse in its many forms, its effects and how to prevent such neglect, cruelty or abuse.

The lessons will therefore cover some very sensitive issues particularly with regard to sexual abuse as proper names for body parts and appropriate and inappropriate behaviour will be discussed as well as other safeguarding issues such as anti-bullying strategies, stranger danger and internet safety.

As a result of the sessions your child may have some difficult questions that they would like to ask and we will endeavour to answer these in school however they may wish to discuss some of the issues with you at home.

The school will assume you are happy for your child(ren) to participate in these talks/discussions unless you specifically request their withdrawal.

Extreme Weather/Heating Emergencies

As winter approaches it is to be hoped that inclement weather is not serious and that the heating system works effectively. If this happens not to be the case and the school is forced to close then the following will be points of information;

A text message will be sent to all parents (it is of vital importance we have an up to date mobile number contacts for every child)


The County Council web site carries information on schools that are closed


CFM and Radio Cumbria will be informed and closure details will be included in their broadcasts


The school web site will be updated underneath the 'Weather Warnings' link

Christmas Cards

Christmas cards are not to be distributed in school until Monday 4th December at the earliest when the post boxes will go out (this will still leave two school weeks for the cards to be shared). The post boxes will be placed at strategic points around the school. More information with regard to Christmas will be in the December newsletter.


It is of the utmost importance to your child's education that they attend school consistently as learning is planned in a progressive way and one day follows on from the next in each subject. Of course there will be times when a child is too poorly to come to school. However this should be a rare event as prompt regular attendance will really help your child do well at school.

Anti-Bullying Week


The school will have a big focus on 'anti bullying' during the week beginning the 13th November and the children will be involved in learning and discussing strategies to combat any incidences of bullying be it in or out of school or indeed reality or virtual bullying (e.g. by text etc).

The children will be discussing issues in class, will have assemblies supporting the message and the pupil members of the BIG group will be delivering talks in 'pupil speak' to classes across school.

Christmas Fair

Donations are now welcome for stalls for the Christmas Fair (Friday 1st December from 2pm)- these can be toys, games, bric-a- brac, books etc etc.

This is a chance to have a clear out before Christmas!

There will a specific letter about the Fair later this month. Again there will also be a jar stall where we ask parents to fill a jar with goodies to sell.

Give Blood - Help Save a Life!

The next donor sessions are on Friday 17th November from 3pm to 7pm at the Bridge Centre, Central Square, Workington.
Further details can be found at

School Photos


We are expecting delivery of these shortly. As soon as they arrive we will send them home.

Beckstone's Extended Services

Our extended services include:



 the Breakfast Club (£3.50 from 7.30am, £3.00 from 8am);


Educare (our popular afternoon child care provision for morning Nursery children) priced £4.50 for the first hour including lunch (£3 for a lunch only option with collection at 12.10pm or voucher care thereafter) and £3 an hour thereafter.

Please note that unfortunately we are unable to offer facilities for packed lunches for Nursery children.

The tables below show in more detail how Nursery/Educare funding works which is more complicated since the introduction of the additional 15 hours of entitlement for those who are eligible.


Beckstone Xtra (again £3.00 an hour) runs from the end of the school day until 5.15pm

The prices for our extended services are extremely competitive to support families in these difficult economic times.

The price per hour is only £3 however this may be reviewed later in the year due to rising costs.

National Takeover Day

The school is again taking part in this National Children's Commissioner Initiative. On Thursday 23rd November children from Year 6 will take on the adult jobs to give them a taste of working as an adult. They will be working in all areas of the school in all genres of jobs, even the Deputy and the Head will be children on that day!


Yesterday was a Halloween themed day; the costumes on display were fantastic as well as terrifying!!

The quality, design and ingenuity that clearly went into the costumes were the best ever! The children were very proud of their outfits and enjoyed spooking each other. Pictures of the children in costume will soon be on our web site in the Halloween zone of our 'Film and Photo Gallery' (or follow the QR code).

The school staff also made a great effort this year - a spooky day was had by all!

Halloween Competition Winners

The News and Star ran a Halloween Poster competition on Friday 20th October that many of you may have seen.

The winners were Lara (1st prize), Isla (2nd prize) and Darcey(3rd prize).
They are pictured above and should appear in the News and Star on Friday 10th November.

Nursery Intakes


Children born between 1 April 2014 and 31 August 2014 can receive their free 15 hours a week Nursery education from September 2017 and should be in Nursery now!

If you know of any children with birth dates between these times and would like their child to come to this school then please ask them to get in touch with the School Office as soon as possible.

Children born between 1 September 2014 and 31 December 2014 can receive their free 15 hours a week from January 2018.

Children born between 1 January 2015 and 31 March 2015 can receive their free 15 hours a week from April 2018. These children are likely to start in our afternoon Nursery and move to mornings in September.

Forms for applying for any of these intakes are available from the School Office or just ring and we can post them out.



The school would welcome the following;

Games, puzzles and jigsaws


Construction Equipment e.g. Lego


Bikes and Trikes for Nursery and Reception


Good quality books


Comics/games for wet playtimes

Thank you in advance for any donations.

School Fund


We are in need of donations to this fund as funds are getting REALLY tight so please help if you can. The fund is donation based (for example the businesses advertising in this newsletter provide donations to this fund) and is used to fund the coaches for sporting events, buy many consumable items and fun activities for the pupils as well as many other things for school that enable us to provide services free of charge.

Please have a ratch down the sofa or anywhere to find some spare money to donate to the school to support all the children.

Please help if you can by donating to this fund. Any donation, however small, would be greatly appreciated!

Regular donations are greatly welcomed.

This runs every Wednesday afternoon from 1.30 to 3pm. There is no cost to join but a £1.50 levy is charged to cover the cost of refreshments etc.

Salterbeck Youth Club


The Salterbeck Youth Club meets every Thursday from 5 to 6pm at the Oval Centre. New members are always welcome so please encourage your child to be active and join in at the club!
Safeguarding/Child Protection

Full details on the county's policies, procedures and processes with regard to safeguarding plus analysis of outcomes of serious case reviews can be accessed through the Cumbria LSCB Web Site at

The site also has a parental information zone.

In addition to the above the school has a 'Safeguarding Zone' on its web site which contains the above link as
well as relevant school policies, further information and a diagram showing how we keep your child safe in school. It is well worth a look.

Sharing information is in the best interests of children and their safeguarding.

The school reserves the right to share and receive information from other agencies that may have had dealings with your child.

If you ever have any concerns about the safety or well-being of a child then you can ring your concerns through to the County's 24 hour 'Safeguarding Hub' number and you can remain anonymous if you wish.

Callers can outline their concerns and the Safeguarding Hub will give advice (consultation) and if necessary undertake an assessment of need.

There is now also an adult NSPCC helpline where any concerned adult can seek advice if they are concerned about a child and would like advice on whether to make a referral.


The number to call is:


Domestic Violence


Debbie Cook, our Educational Support Manager has trained to be a 'Domestic Violence Champion' and is a resource available to any adult who would like to confidentially share incidents with her and is a very good source of advice. Just contact the School Office to get in touch with her.

Domestic violence is on the increase and causes terrible harm to victims and the associated children.

It is everyone's responsibility to ensure it is eradicated. We are working closely with the Police and the school will learn of any incidents in order to support any children whose lives are affected by any incidents.

QR Codes


QR stands for quick response. QR Codes, if you don't know, are those funny black and white boxes you see in newspapers and magazines such as the image below. These are placed within the newsletter at relevant points to give you quick access to websites mentioned. All you have to do is 'Install a free QR code reader' to your phone/tablet, just search the App/Play store using 'QR', and simply scan the code.

Why not try downloading it and scan this code and see if it works. It should take you directly to our school web site.

Walk to School


The school is again part of the 'Walk to School/ Feet First' scheme. Children will receive dinosaur related goodies if they walk to school at least once a week over this term. Please support your child in trying to achieve this and the benefits are fitter people, less congestion and a greener planet!

Thank you again for your Harvest donations.

As some of you are aware we now have a permanent Foodbank collection point in school. The collection bin can be found near the door that leads into the front playground by the Reception classes. There are around 600 families in the area that regularly have needed to use the Foodbank so any donations would be greatly appreciated.

The Foodbank is designed to help individuals and families in crisis through the provision of emergency food supplies. Local professional care-workers within Allerdale and Copeland refer them, with a food voucher, to the Foodbank centre where they are given food supplies, a cup of coffee and help in finding other professionals who can help them out of their crisis.


For further details of the work of the Foodbank and how you can be involved contact:

North Lakes Foodbank


 Tel: 0750 2311 452

Shopping Gateway


We are in partnership with a charity called 'School Angel' to raise money for the school. This is really simple to use and you can visit via our web site by clicking on the 'Shopping Gateway'
Once on the page all you need to do is click on the logo for whatever shop you would like to visit.


Shoebox Appeal


The school is again supporting 'Operation Christmas Child'. To bring the joy of Christmas to a child in a part of the world where there is poverty and deprivation. You are invited to fill a shoebox with presents for a boy or a girl. All details about how to join in and what sort of items to put in the shoebox were in a flyer with the last newsletter. Spare copies are available in the School Office.

Making a shoebox could be a lovely bonding activity with your child!

Completed boxes can be dropped off in school anytime up until Friday 17th of November (it says the 18th on the flyer but we have been informed collection from school will be the 17th).




The next 'Go4it' club will meet in the Church Hall on the 4th Sunday of the month (26th November) and will consist of games, stories, music, cooking, competitions and fun for all. The club starts at 10.30am so make a date in your diaries.

Organisers: Ann Brown, Susan Janulis, Julie Topping and Fiona Woodward

High Harrington Community Centre


The Community Centre is in Crook lands in High Harrington and is colloquially known as the 'Green Hut'. It is a very competitively priced and useful resource for all in the community to use.
To hire this facility for any event then please contact Marjorie Rae on 01946 831004.The venue can be used for children or adult parties, meetings etc. and hire rates are very reasonable indeed.

If you do hire this venue please let Marjorie know you read about it in this newsletter.

Also please pass on the following details to anyone you think may be interested:
Ladies Club, every Tuesday from 1.30 to 3.45pm. All ages are welcome to attend. A great opportunity to get to know new people and make new friends.


There is a 'Circuits Day' THIS Friday (i.e. in 2 days' time). The sessions were greatly enjoyed by the pupils and the last one was a great success.


Children can again come in sports clothes on Friday and can remain in them all day if they wish.

Facebook and Online Newsletters


The school has a live Facebook page - it is called "Beckstone Primary School (Official Facebook Group)", you should be able to search for the group or you can use this address or QR code.


The top of the page should look like the image above - there appears to be other sites with the school name on but these are not official.

We have created this page to let you know when our school website is updated and to send messages. It is for information only and doesn't accept comments.

If you are a Facebook user and would like to receive news feeds and updates about the school then don't forget to 'join' the group and select the "see first" button.


The Facebook page has open access and will also contain links to updates on our web site and messages from school - there is no facility to message school, please use other methods. As a result any photos etc will only appear from our web site following clicking on a link. It is hoped this will dissuade children who are under 13 using Facebook but will allow adults to receive updates about the school.


Indeed please note no children should have Facebook accounts under the age of 13 and applications to join the group will be refused.

Clothing Bank - Supporting the Great North Air Ambulance

The clothing bank is just inside the main gate. Any sort of clothing/textile or footwear can be donated and in any condition.


Just fill up a bag and deposit in the bank. The clothing bank will be re-modelled and re-branded soon and will be aimed at supporting the wonderful work of the Great North Air Ambulance who will benefit from profits made from this recycling opportunity (courtesy of Derwent Recycling) so please don't throw out any unwanted clothes, just use the bank to support this worthwhile cause!


The bank is open from early morning until the evening but is locked at night and weekends.


If you are bringing bags by car please come any time before 8.45am or after 9.15am (not at the end of the school day when there are children around) or in the evening up until 7pm.

Local Health Survey

We have been asked to share details of a survey below.


The organisers may hold a public meeting immediately after school in the near future.


Once this has been confirmed we will let you know.


Influenza Vaccination


All children in Years 1, 2, 3 and 4 (and now also Reception) in England are eligible for seasonal flu vaccination during the autumn of 2017.

The vaccination (Fluenz Tetra®) will be offered in school on Wednesday 22nd November for children where there is parental consent. Parents do not need to be present but can request to attend,
Parents of younger children may like to know that children aged 2 upwards and also in Nursery receive their free vaccination through their GP or Pharmacies. We have placed an information booklet with regard to this in the 'Parenting Information and Guidance Zone' of our web site.


Flu vaccinations for adults are also available for adults on request at Pharmacies or large supermarkets for an average £10 fee.


It could ensure a flu free winter and many school staff have already taken up this option locally.

All children who have read 5 times a week consistently since the Strive of Five started will receive a 'Free Non Uniform' card to use in the last week of term on Monday 11th December.

All children in Reception and Key Stage 1 who read at least 5 times a week at home go into a fortnightly draw where they can win a book of their choice and chocolates for the adults sharing reading with them at home.

All children across the school in every Key Stage should be reading daily!



The most important homework of all is to ensure you read with your child for at least 20 minutes daily or ensure their day is structured to allow them to, read on their own, when they are able for sustained periods. Indeed reading to your child at bed time for example is also extremely valuable. The world of books will develop your child's imagination, vocabulary and knowledge of the world around them. It is quite simply the key to learning!


There is also a lot of information to help your child with reading in the 'Help Your Child to Read' zone on our web site.


In addition we ask that you help your child learn their times tables.

There are lots of computer based activities available through the Computer Home Access zone (linked to this QR code) and also times tables songs and worksheets in the Parenting Information Zone.


The school wishes to thank the following people for their support of the school recently:

Harrington Over 55's for their donation to the School Fund. The donation was very kind and the school is always grateful for donations to the fund which supports many school activities.


Cumbria Loos for their ongoing sponsorship of safeguarding and internet safety books.


Pawprints pet boarding (tel: 01946 329651) for sponsoring some anti-bullying posters for school use in the forthcoming 'Anti Bullying Week'


Mr Walker (parent) for supporting the school through organising free rail travel for the Year 3 and 4 children to visit the Roman exhibition at the Beacon Museum in Whitehaven later this month.


Mrs Iley, a local resident, who has donated some more dolls in national costumes to enhance our school resources


Harrington Pharmacy for a donation of bandages to support a learning activity in the school and for arranging staff flu jabs at times that were convenient to school.

This newsletter has been sponsored by the following local businesses.
Please look out for their advert and support them when you can.
Please mention that you have seen their advert in the school's newsletter!

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> Councillor Marjorie Rae <
>Curzon Street Dental Hygienist<
> Harrington Pharmacy <
>High Harrington Community  Centre<
> Robinsons and Co <
> Step by Step <
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