We had our first PE session on Tuesday 6th September with Mrs Walker and Ms Fawkes.

We are practicing getting ready for PE by ourselves!

We are really good at taking off our socks/tights and shoes, but some of us still need help with our jumpers.

After PE we needed lots of help putting our socks/tights and shoes back on.

Next week we are getting changed into our PE kit!

Mr Monkey sets weekly challenges for us in class and he would like to set an interdependence (being able to do it by ourselves) challenge for all our families to do at home.

The challenge is to time us getting undressed and dressed again as if we were doing PE.

The tricky bit is making sure that our clothes are kept in a nice neat pile so we can find them easily afterwards!!

This is sometimes very tricky and we get mixed up and misplace some of our school uniform!

See if you can beat your time every time you try it, keep a record and we can share it in class.


Mr Monkey