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           Academic Year  2016/2017 ● Issue 11 ● July 2017

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Dear Parents,

Welcome to the final bumper 'Summer Special' edition of the school newsletter for this school year.

What a busy year it has been, with many positive developments and continued enthusiasm and hard work from pupils and staff alike.

There are less than 3 weeks left until the end of term but they are action packed ones with a myriad of different activities and events taking place: final assessments are made; reports are issued and many end of school year activities take place such as Sports Day, Graduation Day, Cinema Nights, remaining summer trips for the Foundation Stage etc.

We also have a Curriculum Meetings for parents of children in next year's 1, 2 & 3 (and 3/4DP) as well as a next year's Reception 'drop in' where you will meet your child's class teacher - it is ESSENTIAL someone from the family attends!

Curriculum meetings at the upper end of school will take place on the first Monday after the summer holidays.

Please take the time to read this newsletter (of particular note is the very positive report given to the school by Ofsted), digest the information and make a note of the dates in the "Diary Dates" zone so you don't miss anything!

May I take this opportunity to thank you all for your support over the year. The school is very fortunate to have so many parents who take a real interest in their child's learning, support them with homework and reading and give generously of their time and money to school.

I hope and trust you all have a wonderful summer and I shall look forward to working with the majority of you again next year.

To the Year 6 parents I wish your children every success as they move on to the next stage of their educational career, we will miss them and they have been a credit to yourselves and the school.

Hoping you all have a lovely Summer break.

Best wishes,

Mr Warbrick

Ofsted Inspection

As you are all no doubt aware the school had a visit from an Ofsted Inspector on the 6th June. This was Ofsted's first visit for 6 years and we are pleased to let you know that the Inspector was extremely impressed with the school and was confident that the school continues to be a very good school.

The full report should be available on the Ofsted Website from last Friday, just enter the school's name to see it or you can use the link on our web site.

The key judgements were (and these are all lifted directly from the report):

bullet The leadership team has maintained the high quality of education since the last inspection. Leaders have an accurate understanding of the school's strengths and areas for improvement. Leaders provide staff with valuable professional development opportunities and staff value the way they are allowed to try out new ideas. Leaders also demonstrate a great determination to ensure pupils are kept safe.

bullet Governors are very ambitious for the school and have the children at the heart of everything they do. They have a clear understanding of the strengths of the school and areas for improvement resulting in clear plans for future development. Governors are beginning to use their wide range of skills to challenge leaders to ensure the very best outcomes for pupils.

bullet The quality of teaching has improved. Pupils benefit from good teaching at all levels. Staff have good subject knowledge to ensure teaching is matched well to pupils' needs. Pupils (including disadvantaged and pupils with special needs) make good progress form a range of starting points. They leave Beckstone at the end of Year 6 with outcomes close to or better than those seen nationally. Teaching excites a love of learning.

bullet As a result of exciting and innovative approaches to encourage pupils to read the pupils develop a love of reading. Pupils read fluently and with expression and reading is taught well.

bullet There is consistency of teaching and learning in the early years and staff plan and work together well. The staff provide a stimulating environment that is filled with language. Children behave very well in the early years, are eager to learn and are proud of their achievements. An increasing proportion achieve a good level of development with very good progress in their number skills.

bullet Pupils are very well behaved. They are always polite and well mannered. Tolerance and respect for others are clear in their work and their behaviours.

bullet Pupils are proud of their school and of their achievements.

bullet Pupils have a good understanding of British Values, other faiths and cultures and are prepared well for life in modern Britain.

bullet Safeguarding is effective and is part of all that the school does. The school's designated safeguarding lead (DSL) has gained the trust of the community, is tenacious in approach and ensures that pupils and families receive the support they need, All records kept by the DSL & the School Office are detailed and are of a high quality.

bullet Parents speak very highly of the school. They value the individual attention that pupils receive. One parent said: "It's a big school with a small school feel"

Clearly a report for all associated with the school to be proud of.

As with any Ofsted Inspection there are some suggested next steps for improvement which reflect what the school had already identified as areas for development. These are:

bullet To ensure pupils make consistently good progress across all subjects (matching the good progress seen in English & Maths)
bullet To further focus on reading & writing in early years and more closely link assessment evidence to next steps needed.

The Ofsted cycle currently runs over a 3 year period so the school is likely to have its next inspection in 2020 and has clearly a very strong foundation of good practice to take it forward to the next one.

Thank you to all who responded to the 'Parent View' questionnaire.

The responses were overwhelmingly positive about the school (the Inspector was impressed when compared to other schools) with positive comments regarding all school staff, the care services, the School Office staff etc being noted as being very strong assets to the school.

There were 57 responses and 55 free text entries - a very sizeable response in comparison to others too.

Sports Day

At the time of printing (on Friday 30th June) it is to be hoped that the weather was kind and the Sports Day was a success.

If it has had to be cancelled we will try for a re-run tomorrow (Tuesday) and failing that we will be in touch with another date.

Health & Sports Week


This is planned for
THIS week.

The children will have their Sports Day but will also have opportunities in different areas of the school to play 'Parachute games', meet and play with wheelchair basketball players, take part in football competitions, have healthy cooking lessons and have an archery experience.

It is an action packed week that has been expertly planned by our Sports leader, Ms Gorman.

In addition the Year 6 children will be presenting information on healthy lifestyles to the rest of the classes over the week.

Workington Football Cup

This takes place this week on Thursday 6th July and features 3 competitions, one for Key Stage 1, one for Year 3 & 4 and one for Year 5 & 6.

Our school, as current holders, have organised and planned this year's competition. It takes place on the 3G pitches outside the new Leisure Centre.

We have 2 teams in each category and the Key Stage 1 competition starts at 9.10am and is scheduled to finish around 11.30am.

The Year 3 & 4 competition starts at 11.30am and finishes around 1.30pm and the Year 5 & 6 one starts at 1.45pm and should finish by 4pm.

Parents are welcome to come and watch or drop in during the day.

Sports Team

The school sports team consisting of Ms Gorman, Mrs Chambers, Mrs Walker and Ms Fawkes (aided and abetted by Alexandra Chambers) have done tremendous work this year in developing our sports at school and training our teams. Our pupil sports leaders have also done a wonderful job. This school continues to do very well in sport in the region as the Sporting Roll of Honour on the next page shows.

Please do have a look at the Sports Zone on our web site or follow the QR code below.

The zone is packed with information about Sport at the school, match reports and stunning photos. It also details how the school's Sports Premium money has been allocated.

Workington Swimming Gala 2017

Our swimming team were runners up (by a mere 2 points) at the Workington Swimming Gala last month.

The trophy, which has been held by Beckstone for a number of years, was won by Ashfield Junior School.

We were very proud of our team and everyone put in 100% effort.

The Gala is organised by staff at the school and a big 'Thank You' goes to Mrs Vaughan and Mrs Rosser without whom the schools in Workington would not have a Gala.



The school entered 2 staff Bowls teams into an inter business bowls tournament last week.

Both teams represented the school well and one of the teams (pictured here) reached the semi-final and only missed the final by one point.

They did win some prize money for the school which is most welcome.

Thanks and congratulations to all who took part.

Organisation 2017/18

A lot of thought and discussion has gone into the structure of the classes next year.

The main school will be organised as follows:

Your child will meet their new teacher on Wednesday morning this week and Friday next week.

Please do not appeal against their placement.

Please rest assured that children's friendships have been closely considered and that school staff will have placed children well to ensure they can make maximum progress.

Given that all classes are full it will be impossible to move any children.

Reception Starters 'Drop In'

There is a 'Parents' Drop In' for the parents of children who are leaving Nursery to start Reception in September. The meeting will take place on Thursday 13th July from 4.00 to 6.00pm and separate letters with information about this meeting were sent out last month. An information pack will be given out at this meeting.

Curriculum Meetings & Reports

Curriculum Meetings will take place for certain classes at the end of this term and for others at the start of the next one.

Curriculum meetings will be held on Monday 10th July for children moving into Year 1, Year 2 or Year 3 (including the Year 4's in Mrs Potts' class) at the following times:

4.30pm - 1JWh & 1RM
4.50pm - 2LS
5.10pm - 2SF; 3JWa & 3/4DP

We have organised the times so that all parents do not have clashes where they have more than one child at school. These meetings are for adults only.

If you have no child care we will endeavour to look after the children in school.

After these meetings you will be able to collect your child's report from the Dining Hall.

For families with children in next year's Year 4JM, 5 & 6 classes the meetings will take place on the second Monday back after the holidays (11th July) so make a note in your diary.

The timings will be as follows:

4.30pm - 5JO
4.50pm - 4JM
5.10pm 5/6AN & 6HG

Reports for these children and indeed the Year 6 leavers will be sent home with your child on Monday 10th July.

Reports for children in Nursery and Reception will be handed to the adult who collects the child on the same Monday.

Summer Cinema Nights

These will take place in the penultimate week of the term and will feature the award winning film 'Sing'.

The booking form went out on Friday and the cost is £5 including refreshments and care.

Please return booking slips as soon as possible. Spare forms are available from the School Office.

Please make a date in your diary for the following performances.

Monday 10th July - Reception and Key Stage 1

Tuesday 11th July - KS2

If it is more convenient for siblings then children can go to either session.

The film is about a group of anthropomorphic animals that enter a singing competition, hosted by a koala hoping to save his theatre.

The film includes more than 60 songs from famous artists and has had rave reviews.

Sponsored Aerobic Exercise

To date the sponsored event has raised over £1,500.

If you are still to hand in sponsor money then please can we ask that you do this soon.

Thank you on behalf of the 'Friends at Beckstone' for your support at this event.

The children so loved doing the circuits that we are introducing a circuits fitness day on the 4th Friday of every half term next school year.

The final one in the summer term will be sponsored again but the rest are designed to build fitness and stamina as well as provide sporting enjoyment.

Choir Charity Concert

Mr Milner's Choir event at the Carnegie mentioned in recent newsletters raised £800 for Hospice at Home.

A tremendous outcome and 3 of our choir members are pictured here when the cheque was presented towards the end of June.

Creativity Cup

Jaxx from Nursery has been awarded the Creativity Cup for the second half of this term.

He was chosen as his creative attitude to all that he does in Nursery shines through from play to writing to drawing.

Beckstone's Got Talent

We are again planning a showcase event for all of our talented pupils who wish to take part.

It will take place on the last day of term (Thursday 20th July).

Children are now applying for their slots and will get opportunities to rehearse at play and lunch times.

The variety show is for pupils only, sadly there is not enough room for parents and looks like it may take a sizeable part of the morning.

It promises to be entertaining and we are sure it will be enjoyed by those on stage as well as those watching.

Priya Sundar Visit

The school was very fortunate to have a visit from Priya Sundar, an Indian Dancer, the week before last.

She worked with children from across the school and also trained some to dance in assembly, performed her dances for the school as well as getting the staff to dance too!

The children were enthralled at the dancing spectacle and it encouraged an understanding of other cultures, promoted community cohesion and tolerance and it linked well with our studies of Hinduism.

Give Blood - Help save a Life!

The next donor sessions are from 3 to 7pm at the Bridge Centre in town on Friday 14th July, Friday 4th August and Tuesday 22nd August.

If you have never given blood before it is a painless activity that can literally save someone's life - go with a friend, you will feel very proud after in the knowledge that someone could still be living because of YOU! In addition you never know when you or a loved one may need blood.

The more people that attend the sessions the safer we all are if ever we or our loved ones are involved in major traumas. Further details can be found at

If you have not given blood before then where better than a local venue to start!

Mid-Day Supervisor Vacancy

We have a vacancy for a mid-day supervisor.

If you are interested in such a position then please make yourself known to the School Office and they will give you an application pack.

The job has an hourly rate of £8.45 and is for 11/2 hours per day totalling 71/2 hours a week during term-time.

The post is subject to a DBS criminal record/safeguarding check. The job involves supervising children over lunchtime, working as part of a team and reporting back to the Senior Mid-Day supervisor.

 The closing date is Wednesday 12th July.

Attendance Cup

The class with the highest attendance of 97.29% for the first half term in the Summer was 6JM who retained the trophy from last half term and they are pictured below with their certificate and trophy.

What was very pleasing about the attendance figures is that all classes had average attendance levels all above national expectations.

Consistent attendance is vital for success at school and it is the statutory duty of every family to ensure their children attend consistently and punctually.

Puberty Talks - Year 6

The children in Year 6 will be receiving talks on puberty on the morning of the 14th July when the other children will be in their second meeting with their new classes. The children will receive the talk from a very experienced school nurse. If any parents have any concerns over the content of the talk or would like further information then please contact Debbie Cook at the school.

Healthwatch - Year 6

The displayed poster (below), detailing a short survey question, is being distributed through upper juniors, secondary schools, colleges, youth projects, sports groups etc.

The responses to it will help HWC hear the voice of young people and this will shape the direction of work Young HWC will focus on.

This online survey can be accessed through this link; or by using the QR code on the poster.

The closing date will be Midnight on Sunday 1st October 2017.

Y6 Graduation

The Graduation ceremony for our Year 6 pupils will take place from 6pm on Tuesday 18th July.

Please could all Y6 families take note of this date and time.

All Year 6 pupils should have received a letter giving more details about this event and also a booking form for tickets (which are free).

The venue will be the School Sports Hall.

The children will perform a leaving show for the audience and will receive a 'Primary Diploma' from the Governors and a leaving gift from the PTA.

It promises to be an exciting but also an emotional evening!

Workington In Bloom Funding

Our thanks and gratitude goes to Workington Town Council and their 'In Bloom' committee who have accepted a bid for funding the activities of the gardening club to brighten up the school.

The school has received £500 and we hope you are enjoying the additional flowers and vegetables that are being grown around the school at the moment.

Reading Books

There are high quality texts on book stands across school.

Children are welcome to borrow them as long as they complete the signing out card and then sign them back in again.

We are hoping to instil a love of reading so please encourage them to do this.

We will be adding to stock over time and
donations of money towards new books would be welcomed.

We will write 'Donated by ....' or any other message the donor would like to add inside the front cover.

Non Uniform Day

The non-uniform day on Friday 23rd June was in aid of the NSPCC, it raised £250.

Thank you to all for the donations; it goes to a great cause, a charity that is devoted to ending cruelty to children and the sponsors of the Childline service.

The non-uniform day THIS month is FREE and coincides with the 'toy and games day' on Wednesday 19th July.

Parent & Toddler Club

This popular club runs every Wednesday afternoon from 1.30 to 3pm.

There is no cost to join but a £1.50 levy is charged to cover costs (plus £1 if there is an extra child).

Please note that when baking takes place there is an additional cost of £1 per child.

Year 6 Leavers' Hoodies

All Year 6 children have purchased a 'Leavers' Hoodie' with their names on the figure 17 on the back.

The Governors have allowed them to wear the hoodie until the end of term.

Lost Property

With the hot weather children often shed their coats or jumpers and then these get 'lost'.

If they have their names in then they can be returned to their rightful owners (this also helps if someone has taken home the wrong item of clothing).

We cannot stress enough how important it is to label all your child's clothing.

School Savings Account

Encourage your child to start saving towards Christmas 2017(!!) or a nest egg for something special they would like and make use of our school savings account facility.

Simply call in at the School Office to open an account if your child does not already have one.

There are rewards for regular savers! Again just ask at the School Office.

Clothing Bank

The clothing bank is just inside the main gate.

Any sort of clothing/textile or footwear can be donated and in any condition.

Just fill up a bag and deposit in the bank.

The school will benefit from profits made from this recycling opportunity so please don't throw out any clothes, just use the bank and help the children at the school!

The bank is open from early morning until the evening but is locked at night and weekends.

If you are bringing bags by car please come any time before 8.45am or after 9.15am (not at the end of the school day when there are children around) or in the evening up until 7pm.

School Milk

Milk is vital for growing children as it strengthens bones and teeth.

Children in Reception and Nursery are entitled to free milk as are children who are eligible for free school meals and clothing vouchers (not the universal free meal for all FS & KS1 children).

Milk for the next half term is £8.80 and needs to be paid by Friday 8th September.

Due to the administrative burden of checking attendance and the inability to change the order daily unfortunately milk money cannot be refunded for absence.

Feet First

There are further stickers for the Walk to School sticker books available for those who walk to school at least once a week this half term.

Please support your children in achieving this by walking at least once a week.

Be Sun Wise

As the days get hotter (hopefully!!) it is important that thoughts go to protecting children from the sun.

The children at the school spend a lot of time outdoors during the school day and lunch times in particular are times when the sun is at its hottest.

We shall be holding assemblies stressing the need for protection against the sun.

Please help your child by applying sun screen before they get dressed in the morning (it should last for the school day so children don't need to be applying it at school).

Please ensure they have the minimum of skin showing and sun screen has been applied to potentially exposed areas e.g. arms, back of neck etc. provide them with a hat to wear outside to protect their heads .... remember

Wrap, Splat and Hat!

We now have spare sun tan lotion in classrooms for use if through human error sun cream has not been applied or it is wearing off, we will ONLY let it be applied to arms and faces.

If your child has allergies to sun cream and you do not wish school to apply it please let your child's class teacher know.

Safeguarding/Child Protection

Full details on the county's policies, procedures and processes with regard to safeguarding plus analysis of outcomes of serious case reviews can be accessed through the Cumbria LSCB Web Site at The site also has a parental information zone.

In addition to the above the school has a 'Safeguarding Zone' on its web site which contains the above link as well as relevant school policies, further information and a diagram showing how we keep your child safe in school. It is well worth a look.

Sharing information is in the best interests of children and their safeguarding.

The school reserves the right to share and receive information from other agencies that may have had dealings with your child.

If you ever have any concerns about the safety or well-being of a child then you can ring your concerns through to the County's 24 hour 'Safeguarding Hub' number and you can remain anonymous if you wish.

Callers can outline their concerns and the Safeguarding Hub will give advice (consultation) and if necessary undertake an assessment of need.

There is now also an adult NSPCC helpline where any concerned adult can seek advice if they are concerned about a child and would like advice on whether to make a referral.

The number to call is:

Domestic Violence

Debbie Cook, our Educational Support Manager has trained to be a 'Domestic Violence Champion' and is a resource available to any adult who would like to confidentially share incidents with her and is a very good source of advice.

Just contact the School Office to get in touch with her.

Domestic violence is on the increase and causes terrible harm to victims and the associated children.

It is everyone's responsibility to ensure it is eradicated.

We are working closely with the Police and the school will learn of any incidents in order to support any children whose lives are affected by any incidents.

School Fund

At a time of financial pressure on school budgets we are in need of donations to this fund more than ever.

The fund is donation based (for example the businesses advertising in this newsletter provide donations to this fund) and is used to fund the coaches for sporting events, buy many consumable items and fun activities for the pupils as well as many other things for school that enable us to provide services free of charge.

Please help if you can by donating to this fund. Any donation, however small, would be greatly appreciated!

Regular donations are greatly welcomed.

Summer Holiday Activities

Usually over the course of this half term we receive a lot of information about activities for children in the summer holidays.

We will place all such information in the Holiday Activity Zone of our web site so please do keep checking.

In addition recently you should have received a pack with holiday information and offers for summer holiday activities.

Kite Making in Harrington

Workington Town Council will be holding free kite making workshops on 16th & 17th August to tie in with the Kite Festival in Harrington on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th August.

The kite making workshops will be held locally - we will let you know where and put the information on our web site.

The workshops will be run by an expert kite maker, Alan Poxon, and they are completely free.

Alan will also talk to the children about kite safety whilst helping them make their own.

The Kite Festival itself is in partnership with a professional kite flying company, SmileFactor10, and there should be a spectacular display of kite flying at the Marina between 11am and 4pm on both days.

People can bring their own kites too!

Further details can be found at the web address on the poster or use this QR code.

This is a lovely initiative from the Council and should be a colourful and enjoyable mid-summer holiday event; we hope lots of families take part!


Free revision classes for Year 5 children now take place on a Wednesday and a Thursday from 8.20 to 8.50am.

These sessions provide a great opportunity for your child to hone their skills in readiness for their tests next year.


Don't forget
you are welcome to help yourself to a pinch of herbs to brighten up your home cooking.

The sign above the herbs (in front of Ms Ollett's class, to the left of the front door as you look at it) gives ideas as to how you can use them to add flavour to your cooking You only need little sprigs to add bags of flavour!

School Caps

The school sells summer caps- they are of legionnaire design which means they have material to the side and rear which protects children's ears and necks which can be vulnerable to sunburn.

In addition they also help to keep the head cool.

They are of good quality and are priced at £4.50 and are available from the School Office.

As well as being useful at school they should also be very useful to wear on holiday and will provide added sun protection.

School Cardigans

A new addition to our clothing range are school cardigans with the school logo embroidered on.

These can be bought through the School office at a cost of £12.50

Sports Bags

Another item available from the 'Uniform Shop' are our PE bags.

These PE bags were provided by the school for the Reception children this year and will also be provided for Reception children next year.

They have proved to be very popular, are easily named and keep PE kits neatly in lockers for a half term so they are always to hand and then can be taken home in holidays to be washed.

Due to popular demand these can now be purchased for children further up the school and are priced at £3.00

Beckstone's Extended Services

Our extended services include:

the Breakfast Club (£3.50 from 7.30am, £3.00 from 8am);

Educare (our popular afternoon child care provision for morning Nursery children priced at £3.00 an hour (£4.20 however for the first hour including lunch - unfortunately we are unable to offer facilities for packed lunches) until 3.00pm;

and Beckstone Xtra (again £3.00 an hour) from the end of the school day until 5.15pm.

Please can Breakfast Club users note that only food provided by the club can be consumed on the premises in order to comply with nutritional regulations and allergy issues.

All of our extended services provide extremely competitively priced child care (the price per hour is £3) at either end of the school day and are very popular. New children are always welcome.

Salterbeck Youth Club

The Salterbeck Youth Club meets every Thursday from 5 to 6pm at the Oval Centre.

New members are always welcome so please encourage your child to be active and join in at the club!


Nursery Intakes

Children born between
1 September 2014 and 31 December 2014 can receive their free 15 hours a week from January 2018 and should be applying for Nursery now!

If you know of any children with birth dates between these times and would like their child to come to this school then please ask them to get in touch with the School Office as soon as possible.

Children born between 1st January 2015 and 31st March 2015 can receive their free
15 hours a week from April 2018.

Children born between
1st April 2015 and 31st December 2015 can receive their free 15 hours a week Nursery education from September 2018

Forms for applying for any of these intakes are available from the School Office or just ring and we can post them out.

30 Hours Update

To receive the 30 hours offer for the Autumn term then Nursery parents
MUST have applied before the end of this term for September. We have been informed that if parents apply after this term ends they will not be able to take up the offer until January.

To be eligible you need to fulfil the conditions as described on the flyer on the following page.

The 30 hours offer extends the 15 hour Nursery teaching session over a week. These hours are optional and can be used across 2 providers and can be 'banked'; for holiday care at another provider if wished. It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure they use their hours accordingly (they don't have to be used at all).

The 'extra' 15 hours a week can be used for
FREE Educare sessions or for our extended services e.g. a child could stay for a number of full working days in a week.

There is likely to be a high demand for places so additional hours need to be booked well in advance as once a service at the school is full there will be no further places. In addition priority for places will go to any new starters in January and April for their 15 hour entitlements.

How all this will work will be a learning curve for school and for families as it is a new initiative that starts from September. Indeed the school may be able to offer additional places in the near future as we have just learnt that we are one of only 3 schools in Cumbria that has been chosen by the Department for Education for capital funding for an additional new building to help support this offer. We are delighted to let you know that it is planned to have an additional early years' classroom in place by the 30th November. It will be opposite Nursery and will sit in the space alongside the pirate ship.

Additional Child Care Support

As well as the 30 hour offer for Nursery aged children the Government is also introducing tax free childcare for children of all ages. For example all working families of primary aged children can sign up to a scheme whereby for every £8 of childcare costs (e.g. Breakfast Club and Beckstone Xtra) the government will add an extra £2 up to £2,000 per child in any one year.

In addition for families with children from 0 to 15 there are also offers coming soon where the Government would meet up to 70% of childcare costs or 85% if claiming Universal Credit.

For further information on these developments which could greatly enhance household budgets see the poster below or visit where you can register your interest and you will be emailed updates.


NHS Cumbria have developed a great website for parents that gives them a 'pathway' to diagnose what could be medically wrong with their child (e.g. if they have a high temperature).

There is a link to this site on our web site in the health area of our Parenting Information & Guidance Zone. It really is worth a look.

QR Codes

QR stands for 'quick response'. QR Codes, if you don't know, are those funny black and white boxes you see in newspapers and magazines such as the image alongside.

These are placed within this newsletter at relevant points to give you quick access to websites mentioned.

All you have to do is 'Install a free QR code reader' to your phone/tablet, just search the App/Play store using 'QR', and simply scan the code.

Why not try downloading it and scan this code and see if it works.

It should take you directly to our school web site.

So, sit back with a cup of tea, your phone, this newsletter (or indeed if reading it online on our web site next to a pc) and scan around all the very useful web sites mentioned.

Shopping Gateway

We are in partnership with a charity called 'School Angel' to raise money for the school.

This is really simple to use and you can visit via our web site by clicking on the 'Shopping Gateway'.

Once on the page all you need to do is click on the logo for whatever shop/service you would like to visit.

The school will receive commission from these firms at no extra cost to you; it is just a gateway to access websites.


Teach Your Monster to Read

Teach your Monster to Read is a series of free games to practise the first stages of reading.

Combining top quality games design with essential learning, the game is built on the principles of synthetic phonics and follows the teaching sequence of the Letters and Sounds programme.

It has been designed in collaboration with academics from Roehampton University.

To use the site go to: and either use the log on details your child may have been given or register for home use.

Alternatively you can click on the link in the 'Help your Child to Read' zone on the school's web site.

N.B. The 'monster' is not your child but a character chosen by the child on the site!!

Computer Home Access

For Mathletics and Times Tables Rock Stars plus a host of other very educational sites including 'Curriculum Visions' please visit the zone in our web site with the title 'Computer Home Access'.

Free online Oxford Reading Tree audio books

Pupils can access a collection of over 250 Oxford Reading Tree books online on a pc, laptop, ipad or tablet.

The children can either read the books online or have them read to them as an audio book!

To access this collection go to (or there is a link on our web site in the 'Computer Home Access' zone).

Then simply click on the 'For Home' and register for FREE .... you need an email address and choose a password.

Once logged in your child can browse all titles or select their age appropriate titles.

There are notes for parents and additional online activities to engage your child that are connected with the book.

Enjoy! is an American site which very neatly is organised as a gateway to a vast array of learning programs/games.

Simply click on the appropriate age range and choose from a vast array of activities across the whole curriculum.

It is well worth a look!
This site is used regularly by the children in school; they should know their usernames and passwords. If not they are included in the 'summer packs'.

This site allows children to work through learning modules as well as test their mental maths skills in 'live' competitions.

Education City

This site provides a wealth of learning activities at a child's age appropriate level.

It is arranged into subjects and the children know it well from school.

The site needs a home user name and password.



Espresso contains learning zones for all subjects and ages with videos, newspaper articles and many fun activities to keep children entertained as well as learning. (no www.)

To access 'Espresso' from home use the address below and log on using the info provided by school - if you log off you need to close and re-open your internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox) before you log in again.

Every child from year 1 upwards has a user name and password and has access.

 It is packed full of mathematical activities to help your child with Maths.

All of the above can be accessed from the Computer Home Access Zone of the web site too along with some other sites not listed here.

Computing Zone

This zone on our web site is packed with lots of activities to help children to learn programming.

Indeed if your child worked through some of the fun activities in this zone it would really support them in their computing lessons next term or at Secondary school.

Finally the 'Help Your Child to Read' zone is also a very useful resource to support your child with reading over the Summer.

It has many useful links for you to enjoy with your child, to read together or reading activities for your child to get engrossed in.

Nursery into Reception Target

As the children in Nursery move up to reception it is very important that they are able to change from their uniform into P.E. Kit independently.

Please could parents of children this age ensure they train and support their children to do this over the Summer holiday if they can't do it already.

This will enable the maximum amount of time to be spent on PE next year.


As some of you are aware we have a permanent Foodbank collection point in school so donations can be made at any time.

The collection bin can be found near the door that leads into the front playground by the Reception classes.

There are around 600 families in the area that regularly have needed to use the Foodbank so any donations would be greatly appreciated.

Indeed over the summer holidays all children eligible for free school meals will receive holiday lunch packs.

A list of foods that would be welcomed is below and this month they would very much welcome:

Tinned Meat


Household Items
(washing up liquid, washing powder/liquid)

(toothpaste/toothbrush/soap/shower gel and feminine hygiene products)

School Meals

The menu for next term should hopefully be sent home soon.

It will also available on our web site and is a handy reference to encourage your child to have school meals and also to help them with their choices.

Information about menus can be found at and there is also a School meals Zone on our web site.

We are pleased to announce that the cost of the school meals for those in Key Stage 2 will remain at £2.10 in September thanks to the West Cumbria Meals Consortium (of which Mr Warbrick is Chair).

They have managed to negotiate some efficiency savings to keep the meals at an excellent value and fully compliant with the new nutritional standards.

There is however pressure from rising food prices which may result in an increase from January 2018, we will keep you informed and will also strive to keep this to a minimum.

Our school meals are of a high quality with a fabulous array of choices, served by an excellent and committed canteen staff.

We do encourage all children to have a School meal as the balance of Nutrition is designed to ensure a healthy and long life.

In addition the school now benefits financially as a result of the number of children who have a school meal.

Free School Meals Application

Eligibility for Free Meals brings other benefits such as a uniform grant, free milk, free instrumental hire and also provides the school with additional funding.

We ask that ALL ELIGIBLE PARENTS OF PUPILS FROM NEXT YEAR'S RECEPTION UP TO YEAR 6 fill in the school meals registration form that is reproduced below. (Complete and return to the School Office).

This is important so that we can continue to register pupils who attract pupil premium, which is worth £1,300 a year per pupil for our school.

If you have any questions, please contact School.

Again if your child is in Key Stage 2 and you think you are entitled to Free School Meals then complete the form and hand it in to the School Office or alternatively you can apply online at

or .... use the QR Code!!!


The next 'Go4it' club will meet in the Church Hall on the 4th Sunday of the month (23rd July) and will consist of games, stories, music, cooking, competitions and fun for all.

The club starts at 10.30am so make a date in your diaries.

Organisers: Ann Brown, Susan Janulis, Julie Topping and Fiona Woodward

High Harrington Community Centre

The Community Centre is in Crook lands in High Harrington and is colloquially known as the 'Green Hut'.

It is a very competitively priced and useful resource for all in the community to use.

To hire this facility for any event then please contact Marjorie Rae on 01946 831004.

The venue can be used for children or adult parties, meetings etc. and hire rates are very reasonable indeed.

If you do hire this venue please let Marjorie know you read about it in this newsletter.

Also please pass on the following details to anyone you think may be interested:


All children who have read 5 times a week consistently since the Strive of Five started will receive a 'Free Non Uniform' card to use in the last week of term.

All children in Reception and Key Stage 1 who read at least 5 times a week at home go into a fortnightly draw where they can win a book of their choice and chocolates for the adults sharing reading with them at home.

All children across the school in every Key Stage should be reading daily!

Facebook & Moving Online!

The school now has a live Facebook page - it is called "Beckstone Primary School (Official Facebook Group)", you should be able to search for the group or you can use this address or QR code.

The top of the page should look like the image below .... there appear to be other sites with the school name on but these are not official:

We have created this page to let you know when our school website is updated and to send messages. It is for information only and doesn't accept comments.

If you are a Facebook user and would like to receive news feeds and updates about the school then don't forget to 'join' the group and select the "see first" button.

The Facebook page has open access and will also contain links to updates on our web site and messages from school - there is no facility to message school, please use other methods.

As a result any photos etc will only appear from our web site following clicking on a link. It is hoped this will dissuade children who are under 13 using Facebook but will allow adults to receive updates about the school.

Please note - no children should have Facebook accounts under the age of 13 and applications to join the group will be refused.

Holiday Homework

The most important homework of all is to
ensure you read with your child for at least 20 minutes daily or ensure their day is structured to allow them to, read on their own, when they are able for sustained periods.

Indeed reading to your child at bed time for example is also extremely valuable.

The world of books will develop your child's imagination, vocabulary and knowledge of the world around them. It is quite simply the key to learning!

Each year group is giving detailed thought to holiday homework activities for the Summer holidays and these will be shared with you at the Curriculum meetings or by letter later this term.

It is likely holiday homework this term will focus on reading and learning the times tables!

If real effort was put into these then the children would be very well placed for the start of their studies next year.

Please do remember there are lots of resources on our web site to help you support your child's learning at home.

'Ready to Learn' Series - Preparing for Change

The 'Parenting Information & Guidance Zone' of our web site contains a whole series of parenting support booklets from the National Association of Headteachers'.

They are short reads designed to help parents. One edition is called 'Preparing for change at school'. It is reproduced below as this is a time of change for many.

The other titles are well worth a look too.

Do speak to your child about managing change too as the school's PSHE theme this term has been all about this.

Last Day of Term

  1. Educare and Beckstone Xtra will close for the summer on Wednesday 19th July.

    The following day will see the equipment and resources thoroughly cleaned and organised for the new term.
  2. The main school and Nursery will close for the summer at normal time on Thursday 20th July

Staff Changes &  Weddings


The school welcomes Rebecca Davis back to the School Office after her maternity leave.

James Heppell will be joining the PE team from September as our new school sports apprentice.

The school has changed its cleaning contractor from Orian to Mire Services. One of Orian's cleaners, Susan Murray is transferring across. We do also welcome Dennis Bracken to the school as the new Janitor and 2 new cleaners will be starting - Pamela Gurr & Gemma Watts.



Sadly we say goodbye to Mrs McCully who has decided to retire at the end of this term.

 She has been a wonderful teaching assistant in Reception and she will be sorely missed.

We wish her every success for the future.

We also say goodbye to Ms Fawkes who has now completed her NVQ sports apprentice.

She has been an enthusiastic and valuable member of staff and has been integral to our ongoing sporting success and developing the love of sport in the children.

In addition Mrs Hewitt, who has been a mid-day supervisor at the school since it opened in 2005, has taken the decision to step down and spend more time with her family.

Her happy personality and permanent smile will be missed by all.


Ms Ollett is getting married over the summer and will return to school as Mrs Trotter. We wish her and her partner Jamie a long, successful and happy marriage.

Mr Fleming is also getting married to Jenna Benson this summer. Again we wish them both a long, happy and successful marriage.

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