Children of the World

All classes have been learning about the lives and cultures of children in different areas of the world.

You can view their work and excerpts of the children's wonderful performances by clicking on the links below.


Morning Nursery - China        
Afternoon Nursery - China        
Reception - China Y1 & 2 - Africa Y3 & 4 - India - part 1 Y3 & 4 - India - part 2 Y5 & 6 - South America
Chef John Crouch

Mis'oshi's visit

Bollywood Dancing Y3-4 LC    
Counting and Words

Art with Mis'oshi

Bollywood Dancing Y3-4 DP    
5 Chinese Lanterns Beads Indian Elephants Y3-4 JO    
Great Wall of China Jungle Animals Indian Elephants Y3-4 DP    
Looking at artefacts Making our lion Tie Die Y3-4 DP    
Making dragons Children's own ideas Chef John Crouch Y3-4 LC    
Picture frames Sunsets Chef John Crouch Y3-4 JO    
Ribbon Dancing Khamsa Hands      
Role play Map Making      
Silk painting        
Abacus counting        
Chinese fans        
Koi carp        
Silk painting and frames        
Writing and Numbers        
Terracotta soldiers