We had our Harvest Festival Assembly in our School Hall on Thursday 6th October.

Some of our Y5/6 pupils entertained us with a short play based on our food coming from all over the world and not just round the corner from the pizza shop!

Mr. Warbrick thanks the K.S. 2 children for their harvest gifts.

 Charlotte invites some friends round for her Birthday (she was actually 11 that day!)


Chefs ready to cook the pizzas!

But Gino put some strange creatures on his pizzas.


The point being, God made creatures that are also part of a 'Food chain'

Our brilliant Italian chef wants to "knowa", when we have so much food -
why are there millions around the world starving?

Y3/4 sang for us and the rest of the school joined in the Harvest praises.

Prayers were said to remind us not to waste food and to share our Harvest gifts.

The Harvest gifts donated by the K.S. 2 children were distributed around the
community of St. Mary's Parish Church.