We went on an environmental walk to see what we could do in our local community to stop the planet from getting warmer, and make it a nice place to live for people and animals.

We liked all the different bins you can use to recycle and to put rubbish and waste in to keep our streets clean.



We liked the different ways people travelled, bike, bus and train, so we don't use our cars as much and helps to cut down on the 'smelly gases' and stops our planet from getting warmer.


We liked the road sweeper that helps to keep our streets free of rubbish.

We liked the new double glazing windows going into the house and the washing drying on the line, these both help to save energy and stop our planet warming up too.

We liked the trees and the plants which help keep our air clean for us and animals to breathe, and wide open spaces for us to run about in and where animals can live. We also liked all the lovely fresh fruit and vegetable we grow to keep us healthy.





We liked the allotments, where animals live and people grow their own food.

We liked the windmills because they make energy for us to use without making 'smelly gases'.

We loved this part of the shore where animals and birds live and feed.



was all this rubbish on the shore which can harm our wildlife and makes everything look horrible.

We also don't like trees being chopped down!

We didn't like all the traffic and the cars which make 'smelly gases' which make our planet warmer.


We didn't like all the rubbish laying around our local environment, some of which could have been recycled! Some of the rubbish was in the beck and the harbour which can be dangerous to wildlife.




We also saw lots of chewing gum on the pavements and dog mess in lots of places too, especially on the grass and the shore where we like to play!


Graffiti also spoils the look of our environment!